Clan Name: BloodClan
Territory: Twolegplace
Prey: Rats
Game Bonus: Kittypet Items
Leader: Dark
Deputy: Thrash
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: N/A
Bloodclan (2)

BloodClan is only accessible while you are a Kittypet. To find and visit BloodClan, go inside the Twoleg's house and turn left. The outside territory is BloodClan's. They will not attack you, and it is safe to talk to any of the cats.

BloodClan Cats


Thrash is a member of BloodClan. If your cat talks to him, he will ask you for permission to raid George's closet. If your cat gives permission, Thrash will give you something every morning and he will move to the closet. Fuzzy is the only cat to react to this decision. When Thrash moves in, Fuzzy will no longer play hide and seek with you. He will instead say, "I don't like you anymore. You let that cat, Thrash, into the closet, and he's a meany-head, like you."   


Dark is the BloodClan leader. If the player does not allow Thrash to raid George's closet, Dark will be of no use to the player. If, however, the player allows Thrash to do so, he will allow your cat to purchase the BloodClan collar (right) for 500 leaves.


Bloodclan (4)

Wound is the trainer of the BloodClan. Just like Tune, the rogue trainer, or the Clan trainers, he gives you the same special abilities for experience points.


Fierce is believed to formally be Fiercekit. If you talk to him, he will ask you to kill the rats. The rats will only appear if you talk to Fierce. To kill rats, you have to "step" on (or walk over) them. The rats will run away if they notice your cat, but an easy way to kill them is to sneak up to them, as they will not notice you. Alternatively, you can corner them. For every rat killed, you earn two leaves.

Bloodclan (3)


  • Fierce is Fiercekit, the cat in the beginning of the game that later goes missing. He could also be your sibling. When you travel to BloodClan, Fierce says "Wait a minute..... I feel like I know you from somewhere." when you talk to him. There are many other missing clues that Fierce/Fiercekit could be related to you.
  • Treekit may not have joined BloodClan, as you can see him wandering around as a cat named Treepaw or Tree (warrior suffix)

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