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This WCUT Blog Write is made by Loveleaf to share their views. These are not the views of Falcon star nor WCUT unless stated.
We all know when you are a rogue you can see Brambles, and when you are a clan cat, you can not. Some may just right it off as, "It's a Computer Game, not real, just go with it!", however, I, who has too much time on my hands and thinks way to deep into things, have found the almost-perfect theory of why this happens.
First, it starts off with you merely being a clan cat. As you trek through the Forest/river/moor, you search for prey and other items that will be sure to impress your needy mate. Of course, you see prey, herbs that will help the great Medicine Cats, but who cares about brambles? Your clan is striving - not needing any more protection than it has. Your eyes just go past Brambles. It's a normal scenery. No one really cares, there is no disaster that calls for the camp barriers to be strengthened.
However, take it from a rogue's point of view. You got kicked out of your clan, and you remember those great brambles that protected your clan mates, kits, and family. Now, not only finding herbs that will help someday for perhaps something if you EVER got sick (Even though you can't, let's skip over that part! ^_^) stones apples and everything else will help decorate your den or remind you of your dear ol' mate that you gave items like these too. But now you need protection. So now, you train yourself to not just look over those needed brambles, you push yourself to make sure you don't overlook them, but that doesn't always work - and that's why they are hard to find. But then, they appear to you.
And that's why you can see them.
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Thank you, Loveleaf! MyTalk! 20:51, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

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