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This WCUT Blog Write is made by Loveleaf to share their views. These are not the views of Falcon star nor WCUT unless stated.
Warrior Cats Untold Tales Blog Writes (also known as WCUT Blog Writes or just simply Blog Writes) are little tidbits of something fun to read written by administration. This will offer views of the game that may have not been really thought of before, or just random things that you might give two shakes of a cat's tail about.
Either way, these are made in effect of giving fans mostly like a newspaper to read for their own sake of doing something about the game, but isn't mindlessly playing the game, which can be easily done depending on the player.
So in conclusion, it can be said that there will be a Blog Write every week, give or take a few. However, that may not happen, no matter how I DO want it to happen. Please direct errors, complaints, compliments and death threats on the Talk page.

Thank you, Loveleaf! MyTalk! 20:50, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

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