• Blazie (TheMusicalCatAJ)

    Dawnfeather woke up in the warrior's den, her eyes sparkling. She shook her black fur as she got out of the nest. She then proceeded to bound out of the den. My first day as a warrior! She thought excitedly. She bounded out of the camp, hunting outside of camp. It was Greenleaf, and she hunted all day, ending up with a bunch of prey. She got two bonus coins from Nightfeather, happily getting an apprentice.

    She ate some prey with her new apprentice- Bluepaw. They hunted ogether the next day, and Bluepaw was happy with her new mentor. Skystar seemed to be friendly to Dawnfeather. 

    Dawnfeather soon set her eyes on a tom named Mousefire. She gave him gifts, hoping to win him over. 

    One day, she decided to go on a battle patrol for Preyheart. She b…

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  • Drypool

     I think i found a easter egg! in carrion plave there is a red book and what is warrior cats... a BOOK and there you go a easter egg please share this with friends!

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  • Violetpelt



    (Whoa two blog posts in like 3 hours whaaaa) (Also this was really short but a really weird glitch that ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME AHEM I'M NOT SOME SNEAKY SNEAKY BEAKY EDITOR AHEM) (And it wasn't that the mouse sprite replaced the fish's. I could actually target it even though I'm a rogue.)

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  • Violetpelt


    April 30, 2017 by Violetpelt


    First blog..



    I wanted to talk about an addition to the wiki that I think would help.

    I posted this on the talk page for ThunderClan cats, too.

    Here is what I wrote:

    "I think that we should have more pages for NPC cats than we already do. Not cats like Bramblekit or Hawkclaw, but cats that give quests. We could have a page for Elders though and include Hawkclaw, Nightfeather, Banewhisker, and Windytail. Kits don't do anything, though, so we might not do a page for that. But the main thing I want is pages for the NPCs that give quests. We could have a page for Shinefur, one for Streamtail, one for Riftclaw, and one for... Tatteredpelt? I think? Whatever. We could also have pages for Preyheart, Coldfur, Jaggedtooth, and Tanglepel…

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  • M0ch42017


    April 25, 2017 by M0ch42017


    Ow! what was that for?

    Nothing, man.

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  • M0ch42017


    April 25, 2017 by M0ch42017


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  • M0ch42017


    April 25, 2017 by M0ch42017


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  • M0ch42017


    April 25, 2017 by M0ch42017

    I am a blob blobby blob blobM0ch42017 15:56, April 25, 2017 (UTC)HI

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  • Milkandcookies111


    April 23, 2017 by Milkandcookies111


    You have to past the Apprentice part before becoming an warrior. However if you past the hunting part , then there will be a Fighting part .  thne if you past it.( but  a note will pop up)

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  • Pomkin AJ

    Rouge Clans

    April 16, 2017 by Pomkin AJ
    6.11.17 (pomkin5210)
    This is a side group for all.


    I. Please respect your superiors. They are at a higher rank than you for a reason. Respect is necessary for them. If you do not follow this rule, a warning is bestowed on you. If you choose to ignore this warning, you will be punished appropriately.

    II. Seriousness is necessary to be included in our group. There are times to act silly, but while others are roleplaying is not one of those. It is counted a rude and disrespectful.

    III. While this is a side group, please do not abuse this. Don't join if your clan does not allow even side groups. Please include in your application what other group you may be in. It is not our fault if you are caught double-clanning if you did n…

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  • WikiGuestUser

    This is a list of some things I would like to be added to a v16 that most likely won't happen.

    Yeah not all of these can happen.

    I would just like these things in the game.

    And yes I know this is long.

    • Chervil being found near Snakerocks and being used for medicine cat quests
    • Being able to talk to the wandering cats found on your territory
    • Losing reputation for killing a cat in battle
    • Activating the ability Killing Bite will take away some reputation (it's considered dishonorable)
    • Occasionally, cats can die and be replaced by new ones as the generations pass
    • Bramblekit and Longkit can grow up into warriors and be replaced by new kits once they are apprentices
    • WHERE THE HECK IS GREYKIT?! (Add him to the nursery for ThunderClan)
    • Talking to the kits
    • More b…

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  • WikiGuestUser

    Oh... oh no

    February 26, 2017 by WikiGuestUser

    I put a rabbit down in my Clan, EarthClan. (It's a rogue Clan.) I put it in the nursery on a nest, kind of like one of the queens was having kits soon. And then I went to sleep, forgetting that the way I had just thought out, the kit/s would arrive sometime next season. But when I woke up...


    Don't question the random gaps in the wall.

    Well, it's because my cats get prey, and since most of them are right next to a wall, I can't get it if it's just thickets.


    I don't think that's supposed to happen?

    Correct me if I'm wrong.



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  • WikiGuestUser

    I was playing on my 2nd save file with my ShadowClan she-cat named Lionflower. I noticed that I was gaining A LOT of reputation and experience.

    I realized that it's probably because ShadowClan has the hunting bonus, carrionplace, lots of herbs, and doesn't fight ThunderClan and RiverClan often.

    Think about it.

    Every piece of prey can give 2 reputation if dropped on the fresh-kill pile.

    You can hold 9 pieces of prey at once.

    With the hunting bonus, it takes about 2 seconds to get a single piece of prey successfully.

    That's 18 seconds of hunting prey.

    But then there's the time wandering around looking for prey.

    Let's assume that the "finding the prey to target" part takes 1 minute in total.

    Actually, 1 minute 30 seconds.


    1 minute and 48 seconds t…

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  • WikiGuestUser

    Burrkit and Jumpkit

    February 18, 2017 by WikiGuestUser

    This is my first blog.

    Yep, you don't care.


    I recently saw these two pages:



    If you read them, you'll notice that they both say that the kit the page is about goes missing.

    In every Clan, only one kit can go missing during Leaf-bare.

    I noticed that the WindClan Cats page shows that Jumpkit goes missing, and that Jumpkit's page has screenshot evidence, like the pages for Gleamkit and Thornkit. (Longkit doesn't have a page yet, maybe I'll fix that.) From this I can assume that Jumpkit is the one that goes missing, and Burrkit never does. Either Burrkit's page should be deleted, or edited.

    Mangoes! (Goodbye)

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  • Ebonygaze

    Stormstar's backstory

    February 5, 2017 by Ebonygaze

    I was Stormwatcher. I was an outcast in my former clan, Thunderclan. I couldn't hunt well, I couldn't fight well, I was useless to my clan. However, I did have friends, like my mother (Also the deputy) Willowfrost, and my mate Smallcloud.

    But then, an accident happened. In the middle of leaf bare. My mother made me lead a patrol to a battle with Windclan near the gorge, but I accidently made most of them fall into the gorge all because of my cowardly actions. I was exiled when Smallcloud was expecting kits. Willowfrost promised me she'd invite me back over when she became leader, but she died. My daughter Flareshine decided to live in Riverclan because of everyone mocking her for her father.

    But when Newleaf came, there was hope. I made my o…

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  • Ebonygaze

    I already had a kit named Stormkit, and he grew up to be Stormlily. Is it possible to get another kit once your first kit becomes a warrior?

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  • TheUsual


    January 4, 2017 by TheUsual

    It's been. . somewhat 3 years since Falconstar released V15. I mean, it takes a long time to create a game. But 3 years? I am wondering if he is still working on it. As I would have a lot of suggestions for it.

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  • Ivy Ivy Ivy

    the WCUT forum

    July 10, 2015 by Ivy Ivy Ivy

    it is burning up up up in the niiight

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  • Ivy Ivy Ivy

    I'm hardly an expert at writing, but I know enough about that to write a guide. I'm going to start with something simple such as, say, Warrior Cats, our favorite series about angry felines in Clans with racism toward kittypets and dead cats who send cryptic prophecies to screw over help their kin.

    Let's go over some important things.

    It's optional, but if you can't properly introduce your characters in the main story then this is recommended. If you are a beginner, you will likely have problems doing that, so don't feel ashame to use an Allegiance.

    Allegiance should be fairly simple to write. Just give the readers the characters' appearances, Clan and ranking. Their personality can be elaborated upon in the story itself.

    The most important thing…

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  • Ivy Ivy Ivy

    How to spell Rogue

    October 22, 2014 by Ivy Ivy Ivy

    I felt this is a much needed blog post, simply because everyone keep spelling it as Rouge.

    We shall go into details. Rogues, in Warriors, are Clanless cats who are hostile toward the Clans. Rouge is a color. We do not call hostile cats a color, do we?

    Now, I hope you are 'enlightened' by this blog post. Ivy, move out!

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  • Loveleaf

    These downloads have been rumored to contain malware, as we have just learned. Do not download these files. Originally posted by DeathRose, here are the download links.

    [Version One]

    [Version Two]

    [Version Three]

    [Version Four]

    [Version Five]

    [Version Six]

    [Version Seven]

    [Version Eight]

    [Version Nine]

    [Version Ten]

    [Version Eleven]

    [Version Twelve]

    [Version Thirteen]

    [Version 13.1]

    [Version Fourteen]

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  • Loveleaf


    June 19, 2014 by Loveleaf

    Please post and state whether you are basically here, truthfully. Would also like to know if you use the wiki to help with your gaming and/or you edit.

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  • Wolfypup7


    March 15, 2014 by Wolfypup7

    NightClan is my rouge Clan, that is still a work in progress. More pictures to come soon, this will also be posted on my profile.

    Leader: Nightstar (Me!)

    Deputy: Breeze (My mate)

    Medicine cat: None yet

    Medicine cat apprentice: None yet

    Warriors: Bluefur, Lightleaf, Spottedstorm, Scarredeye, Stripedear.

    Guards (Warriors who guard camp): Yellowfang, Mousepelt, Frostface, Mudtalon, Silverfur, Fireheart, Greystripe. (More added as I manage to make out their names, LOL.)

    Queens: Leopardtooth, Crystalnose.

    Apprentices: None yet.

    Elders: None yet.

    Kits: Darkkit, Lakekit, Tigerkit, Brownkit, Crowkit.

    My daughter: Blackflame.

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  • Skarmew


    December 8, 2013 by Skarmew

    leader: hawkstar

    deputy: firefur

    kits:rainkit, spottedkit, lightkit

    queen: owlfeather

    apprentices: yarrowpaw, mudpaw

    med cat: snowfeather

    med apprentice: tigerpaw

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  • Ivy Ivy Ivy


    December 7, 2013 by Ivy Ivy Ivy

    omg wyyyyyyyyyyyy im gonna cut myself cuz u all hed me >:(((((((((((((((((

    y is iz nu bodeh wunt to be frend me with me!111!!!one!!1

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  • Ivy Ivy Ivy


    December 7, 2013 by Ivy Ivy Ivy


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  • Ivy Ivy Ivy


    December 7, 2013 by Ivy Ivy Ivy

    There's nothing here.

    ... or is there?


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  • Ivy Ivy Ivy

    I can't wait for V16

    December 6, 2013 by Ivy Ivy Ivy

    And I actually hope there will be new updates. More updates = More edits.


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  • LavaFairy

    Darkpool's Diary 1

    November 27, 2013 by LavaFairy

    My name is Darkpool. I am a rogue cat from outside the clans. I have searched for a suitable living space for moons, and finally, I found refuge here, in the space of the clans. Here, I will create a clan of my own, and continue my rogue legacy by being known as the founder of the fifth clan: FernClan.

    This is the first moon of my existence here, in the territory of the clans. I have settled near a curious clearing between four tall trees, and now, I will make it my home.

    I met another rogue cat on my way here. I was charmed by his smooth pelt and his ability to hunt. After staying with him for a quarter-moon, I asked him to come and settle with me, but he said he could not. I set off alone, and soon, I found that I was pregnant.

    After findin…

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  • Darhaji

    Hello there! I've decided to dedicate my first (and possibly only) blogpost here on WCUT's wikia to naming cats, the different types of names, and what they all mean.

    Away we go!

    The most common name type you will see will be lyrical. These names are usually nonsensical, and are made purely to sound good. Names like "Emberdusk" or "Thunderheart" would be examples of these.

    The second most common would be canonical. Canonical names are names fabricated from any prefix or suffix printed in the books, regardless of where or why. Names like "Hollylegs" or "Firebelly" are examples of these.

    The third, albeit least common, style, is traditional naming. Traditional naming goes above and beyond in terms of meaning - the prefixes generally apply to the…

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  • Kristy.c.smith.90


    October 24, 2013 by Kristy.c.smith.90


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  • Skyclaw171


    September 28, 2013 by Skyclaw171

    hey its skyclaw aging the best warrioreverrrrrrrrrrrr anyways i fianllay got my own apprtice

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  • Skyclaw171

    my first blog post XD

    September 28, 2013 by Skyclaw171

    ==my warrior name is skyclaw like omg awesome name right? well im in shadowclan ._. im saving my things up to get a apprtice

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  • Kodie3

    BillCipherClaw Angey

    August 31, 2013 by Kodie3

    Why BillCipherClaw Get Mad

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  • MossfireX

    First blog post ftw. C:

    So anyway, I'm playing as Hawktalon, a ShadowClan warrior. I want to get an apprentice, so I save up my reputation, and get one. His Frogpaw! I'm like, "...That's...kind of a bad name." Because, who wants an apprentice known as Frogpaw, am I right?

    So I train him and anything, and he catches a frog on his very first try! I'm like, "Wow...he really is Frogpaw!" Because, he seriously never fails in catching a frog.

    Anywho, he grows up to be Frogtail. I hate that name. Frogs don't even HAVE tails!(Unless they're a tadpole...) I'm almost tempted to throw him onto the Thunderpath and kill him because I want an apprentice with an AWESOME name! (Because I got a cat named Snowcliff once. SHE WAS THE BEST!

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  • Forever lasting forest

    Carrionplace-Day 5 of greenleaf-Okay, Found this place in sc terrtory....Might as well use this...Leaf thingy, Burnt wood works well on this, Might as well keep up with this, At the moment, Well nothing is that great, I need more cats....I'll work on places for other cats later, Anyway ought to hunt!-flareclaw (Each one last 1 season, One each week shall come out)Carrionplace-Day 7 of greenleaf-(This blog might be 2 seasons long sorry)Great, Got no prey,Might go hunting today, Some cats are drawning here...I've smelled their scents, A small group of loners, And milk, And a few rouges who well, I've never knew....I might as well get back to hunting |6:35 carrionplace|Just got back, I'm having good hunting, But i'm still looking for brambles…

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  • Sea Light


    April 25, 2013 by Sea Light

    Hello there! I am rather new but I hope to learn more. :P I want to write a Warriors story soon, so stay tuned! The story will be called Waterfall. Adios for now! :)

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  • TTBriarheartTT


    March 22, 2013 by TTBriarheartTT

    TODAY is...


    And I'm bored...


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  • Loveleaf


    March 18, 2013 by Loveleaf

    Okay, so here are a few things I wanted to share. I may add later, so check back:

    1. Stories are not to be put in the main namespace. We will always welcome stories, but please put them in a blog post or put them on a subpage of your userpage.
    2. Please do not make pages of cats not in the game.
    3. Please keep article writing in a formal manner - what you would read in an encyclopedia is what we are going for.
    4. Please sign with signatures. At the least, just sign your username.
    5. Make categories that are relevent.

    More will probably be added soon. Please note I am not angered at anyone. This will be a wikia where everyone is allowed to make mistakes!

    I remember my first wikia was a rather large one. They were very strict and I was horribly scared to edit. Ne…

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  • ZeroKitteh

    My first posts!

    February 27, 2013 by ZeroKitteh

    I've started posting on the Warriors Cats Untold Tails Wikipedia! I made a major page called Medicine Cat Herb Locations! I also have been editing pages to benefit the community and such. I have so far uploaded 3 pictures:

    The photos were for:


    My Medicine Cat Herb Locations page, 


    My Medicine Cat Herb Locations page, 


    A refrence when looking at the Rouge Clans page!

    Hope you liked my first blog!

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  • AlphaWolfstar

    Welcome to my Blog! 

    My question: What would your warrior name be?

    My name would be "Wolfstar"

    One more thing: Don't write names like Hawk. Only real warrior names!


    PS: Enjoy the slideshow! Look at pictures from different people!

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  • Storm234

    If you dont thinks so. YOUR WRONG! xD xD :3

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  • Flutterangel

    Hi there!

    January 4, 2013 by Flutterangel

    Hello! I'm new to this wikia, but WC:UT is fun! I use a Mac, but I use an application that allows me to play it on it. =) Toodaloo everycat!

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  • Jumpheart

    SharpClan Timeline!

    December 29, 2012 by Jumpheart

    -Sharpkit, future leader, is born.

    -Sharpkit becomes and appprentice.

    -Sharppaw become a warrior, under the name of Sharpfoot.

    -Sharpfoot exiled from clan

    -Attempts to join WindClan, but they chase him out, barely escapes death.

    -Changes name to Sharp; Makes his den and the future SharpClan camp

    -Has dream to make the 5th clan; WindClan/ShadowClan battle on his territory, both attack him

    -Den almost finished, another Wind/ShadowClan battle

    -More coming soon-

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  • Kikistone

    Just registered

    December 18, 2012 by Kikistone

    Title says it all. 

    This is so much different than GW wiki.... Hope I'll get used to it.

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  • Eaglefur

    Rogue Clan Question

    December 2, 2012 by Eaglefur

    I made a rouge Clan, but my other members have green bars over their rouge symbol. And I say yes to letting them stay but whenever I talk to them they keep asking me if they can stay. How can I make them a real member of my Clan? Eagles Are awesome >:D 21:20, December 2, 2012 (UTC)Eaglefur

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  • Nightblaze1410


    November 23, 2012 by Nightblaze1410

    Hey everyone! Guess what? I've taken up writing! Well, those of you who know me know that I've been writing for years, so it's old news. But now, I'm writing a WCUT fan-fic! It focuses on Nightkit, a young cat who dreams of becoming a warrior. However, like in all warrior books, a stupid prophecy fortelling doom gets in the way. But don't take it from me! Visit Hope you enjoy!

    --Nightblaze1410, If you have to fail, fail epically. (talk) 20:44, November 23, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Patchfur of Windclan


    November 22, 2012 by Patchfur of Windclan

    I had a dream..

    It was to be known as Patchstar..

    Leader of Sunclan.. My own clan..

    I love Windclan but making my own clan would be fantastic, but what price would i have to pay?

    .. i could lose Darkjaw.. and Bluekit.. if i went rogue and made my own clan i would never see my mate and kit

    This is the dream.. i have to let go..

    ~ Patchstar... No.. Patchfur

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  • Patchfur of Windclan


    November 4, 2012 by Patchfur of Windclan

    Sigh.... My mate Darkjaw has given me a shiny thing that twolegs left behind, he is so sweet, but... Mousefur has given me the same thing, does he not know that i already have a mate? i should tell him that he makes a great friend, i love Darkjaw and we already have a kit. Mousefur please understand that i am taken and my heart belongs to Darkjaw

    ~ Patchfur

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  • Patchfur of Windclan


    November 3, 2012 by Patchfur of Windclan

    Just fought off a patrol of Shadowclan warriors! though it was a cost of a young apprentice of mine named Thrushpaw, she died a brave cat who fought like Lionclan, My kit, Bluekit, was born after that tragic loss, my mate Darkjaw couldnt be more happier than ever :) . I will always remember you Trushpaw, i hope you are looking down on me, Bluekit, and Windclan from Starclan.

    ~ Your beloved mentor, Patchfur

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