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Brown2 Birchy is a fan that started playing Warrior Cats Untold Tales during version nine.


Birchy found the thread on the Official Warriors Forums when version eight was in session. While Birchy's computer was old, it was almost version ten before she could play. Afterwards, Birchy is a dedicated fan who is both on this wiki and the Warrior Cats Untold Tales forum.


Loveleaf interviewed Birchy. This is the orginal Interview and no text was edited. It was only formatted.

How and when did you start playing Warrior Cats, Untold Tales?
I first found this game from the Official Warrior Forums. I was in a group on deviantart at the time, called 'Warriors- Untold Tales'. I thought it was them, but found it was actually a game. I read about it, and it was at... V8 I think. So I started to chat and tried to download, but my computer was old, and wouldn't let it. So I had to wait until V9, almost V10, when we got a new computer, and I could play. it was epic.

What is your normal Cat pelt and name? What's your favorite pelt?
Birchtail, a brown she-cat. Favourite pelt? Tortoiseshell <3

How has this game affected your life? What have you worked on now that you are a fan?
Well, I've been a loyal supporter and it changed how I imagined the Warriors territory, in a good way.

What are your complete honest thoughts on this game?
I love it. End of story.

Anything else you wish to put out there? To any of the other fans?
Play until your fingers bleed.


  • Birchy's favorite pelt is a tortoiseshell, even though that pelt is not currently in the game.
  • Birchy was also on the Warriors Forums.
  • Birchy is a girl.
  • Birchy enjoys to help answer the questions on the Official Warriors Forums about the game.