Name: Adder
Species: Snake/Adder
Clan: None
Found by: Snakerocks
Rarity: Common

Adders are venomous snakes that appear at Snakerocks. They are nigh-invincible, only defeatable by hunting at a short range, and leave no carcass if successfully "caught".


Adders are seemingly immortal enemies that will cause your cat to lose health if your cat stands too closely to one. Adders will not instantly kill your cat. However, if your cat stands on top of them for too long, allowing them to drain their health away completely, your cat will die.

Your cat cannot catch adders, but your cat can stalk them and target them as they would any other prey. Like prey, they can only be seen when you are in stealth mode. They are otherwise completely invisible. If pounced upon from a relatively short distance, they can be 'caught', although they simply disappear without harming your cat. However, pouncing on an adder from a far distance will have no effect on it- the snake will remain alive and well. Also, because the pounce will land your cat directly on top of the snake, it will instantly begin to drain your cat's health.

Adders can hurt your cat whether your cat is in hunting mode or not, so be extra cautious when your cat traverses Snakerocks- it's easy to walk right into one and not notice. Fortunately, though, Snakerocks is the only place your cat will need to keep an eye out for adders, as they cannot be found anywhere else.


  • Since there is plentiful prey in the areas surrounding Snakerocks, and these areas do not have the constant added danger of adders, it is almost pointless to hunt at Snakerocks.
  • Your cat can't catch adders in the game, although Ravenpaw caught one in the first novel.

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